With state-of the –art facilities, AADIS offers world class diagnostic cardiology services with unbeatable turn-around time in a comfy environment. Our cardiology section is well positioned to handle all cardiology diagnostic cases while ensuring professionalism and confidentiality.

Because you are close to our heart, we at AADIS have offer you cardiology services 6-days a week all through AADIS work hours. AADIS diagnostic cardiology services are basically designed to diagnose conditions related to the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system). Our services include;
  • Electrocardiography- A non-invasive procedure used to measure the electrical activity of the heart by placing electrodes on the chest and limbs. This procedure is useful to diagnose the effects of heart diseases and non-cardiac conditions on the heart. This investigation is generally done in conditions such as chronic hypertension, cardiomyopathies, ischemic heart diseases and cardiac arrhythmias. AADIS offers two types of ECG; Resting ECG and Stress ECG.
  • Echocardiography- Involves the use of non-harmful high pitched sound waves sent through a transducer to the heart. Performed by a cardiologist, this investigation helps the cardiologist visualize the heart, viewing the blood flow patterns, muscular movement, contractile and blood ejection capabilities and valvular abnormalities. This procedure can be used to diagnose valvular heart lesions and intrinsic heart diseases. Arrive Alive provides you quality Echocardiography services with our 3D-equipment.